Great Instincts

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cyber Pollution

Are we now in a state of cyber pollution?

With free email and other services increasing,
information multiplying exponentialy, and data
storage don't seem to get short, I believe more
and more data can no longer be tracked. These data
will be left anywhere in cyberspace.

Would we ever reach a state like cyber pollution?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


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Hardware vs. Software

Are programs nowadays so complicated that they are no longer efficient?

Do programmers take advantage of hardware getting more and more
powerful that they(programs) are no longer efficient?

To what extent do they make programs to require the least hardware
without jeopardizing quality?

Is there a way to measure a program's efficiency in a sort of
harware vs. software relation?

thse r jst some of the thoughts that jst pops out my mind
anytime. sumtyms abt space and the human existense.:D
m afraid it can bcome a tumor, so i turned to blogging.
I jst hoped to fnd guys xperiecing the same, see yah.

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